Monday, 30 July 2012

Furry Friend

Hey fur-iends. Thanks so much fur all your messages.  I had no idea I would find furry friends all over.  I am getting round to saying miaow back to you all but mum and dad abandoned me again this weekend and went off on their travels with the bean monster.  The French lady comes in and whilst I will let her squish my pouchy scrumptiousness into my bowl, needs must, no way is she getting her alien paws on my fur, however hard she tries.  Honestly, if you saw Jack Ginger, he is all over her.  It's embarrassing.

Me?  I've got my own friend.  If  I want to cuddle him, I cuddle him, no arguments.

So there.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Pleased to Meet You

Hello!  Thanks for coming over to my new blog.  You can read a bit about me in the sidebar over there.  My mum has been a blogger for ages, (in fact she forgot her four year anniversary just recently), over at HenHouse.  Mum is my best friend.  I let her brush me and sometimes stroke my tummy, she is very lucky.

Mum and I have been reading a few furry friends' blogs for a while now. Hi Poppy, Hi Millie!  Mum's blog isn't bad and I suppose she does have a few followers.  I've let her put my picture on there in the past but now I've decided it's my time.  This blog is going to feature a lot of fur, quite probably a lot of quilts and eidy-downs and from time to time, you might get to meet my fur-brothers while I have a kitty nap.

All that talk of eidys, you know how it is...