Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Pleased to Meet You

Hello!  Thanks for coming over to my new blog.  You can read a bit about me in the sidebar over there.  My mum has been a blogger for ages, (in fact she forgot her four year anniversary just recently), over at HenHouse.  Mum is my best friend.  I let her brush me and sometimes stroke my tummy, she is very lucky.

Mum and I have been reading a few furry friends' blogs for a while now. Hi Poppy, Hi Millie!  Mum's blog isn't bad and I suppose she does have a few followers.  I've let her put my picture on there in the past but now I've decided it's my time.  This blog is going to feature a lot of fur, quite probably a lot of quilts and eidy-downs and from time to time, you might get to meet my fur-brothers while I have a kitty nap.

All that talk of eidys, you know how it is... 



  1. Good on you buddy. We love to see more handsome mancats.

    julie and Poppy Q

  2. Hello Charlie Boy!!!! You are so very handsome!!!!

    Luf, Us

  3. Charlie is a furry handsome mancat and we's glad to see him's new bloggie.
    Love & Purrs,

  4. Hello Charlie/Lion, it's a pleasure to meet you. I hope to read more of your story in the days to come. Even if you never like strangers, I hope you get to like the munchkin. Will we get to see your brothers, too? May everyone there have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Hello Charlie, another handsome Gorgeous Ginger. Just like us two. Nice to meet you, stop by our blog sometime soon.

  6. Hello, Charlie, it's nice to meet you. Glad you have a blog now.

    Might we suggest you change the color of your green font to a more legible color or at least a larger font? (Sorry, but we couldn't find an email address.)

  7. Hi Charlie, we're pleased to meet you, too. The four of us are also senior kitties, but age is just a number. It is far more important to be handsome and to love your mum, so you are off to a great start - we liked reading your new blog.


  8. OMC another mini lion like me! you are so handsome!!!!

  9. Yo Charlie! It's very nice to meet you. Our Mum says you are very handsome. We think you are very mancatly and it looks like you have a very happy life

    Luff from
    Oliver, Gerry & Mungo

  10. Hey, Charlie. Welcome to the Cat Blogosphere. You're gonna love it here.

    Hi to your brother kitties, too.


Miaow! Thanks for your message, furry friend. xxx