Monday, 30 July 2012

Furry Friend

Hey fur-iends. Thanks so much fur all your messages.  I had no idea I would find furry friends all over.  I am getting round to saying miaow back to you all but mum and dad abandoned me again this weekend and went off on their travels with the bean monster.  The French lady comes in and whilst I will let her squish my pouchy scrumptiousness into my bowl, needs must, no way is she getting her alien paws on my fur, however hard she tries.  Honestly, if you saw Jack Ginger, he is all over her.  It's embarrassing.

Me?  I've got my own friend.  If  I want to cuddle him, I cuddle him, no arguments.

So there.


  1. We know about that. Our Dad keeps watching TV or reading blogs, and we almost never get to post ourselves.

    Do you rassel with your buddy, or just cuddle? Billy White Shoes still cuddles and rassels with a stuffed penguin he's had since he was a couple days old living in a box in the living room.

  2. It could be cos of me. We left a note on the cat blogosphere to introduce you to the gang.

    You and your friend look kind of cosy.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  3. Everyone needs a cuddle toy. And yep, we came over because Poppy told us all about you. We always give a great welcome to our newbies.


Miaow! Thanks for your message, furry friend. xxx